We will Configure You for Success

By offering Infrastructure services in Information Technology, dealing with market demand with the latest and tailor made solutions for your company. We seek beyond the excellence of our services, the well-being of our clients – through a professional contact more aligned to their corporate thinking and social projects, always choosing sustainable methodologies to reduce the environmental impact caused by waste technologies.

Our Mission

We have as objective to reach a new concept of implementation of information technology and applied consulting, not only acting to solve all problems, but also to anticipate the needs of our customers, according to the technological market and their corporate demand.

Our Services

Infrastructure, data security and monitoring at your fingertips. With our know-how in datacenter and all its operations routine, Dorsal also delivers custom solutions on demand to its customers.


  • On premisses monitoring of your network and servers
  • Dorsal Cloud Monitoring Solution
  • Alarms and Team notification
  • Licence costs free - 100% Open Source
  • Customizable to your Needs (On premisses)

Operations Strategy

  • Whether helping or being your I.T., we solve your anomalies.
  • Reduced dowtime, increasing your SLA, by detecting anomalies and treating them
  • We are specialists in Datacenter routines for more than 12 years

Project Management

  • Guidance, coaching and tools you need to handle new challenges with skill and dexterity.
  • Professionals with PMI, ITIL, Microsoft and Linux certifications on the team.
  • Wide expertise with a great variety of projects from smaller ones to mission-critical.

Dorsal Team



Cyber Security Team

Our team specialized in Penetration Tests on it´s forms: Network Services, Web Application, Client Side, Wireless Network and Social Engineering tests.



I.T. Task Force

Get in contact to suppres your needs of a customized support bigger then your problems, but on the right size of your budget.



Network Operational Center

We can handle those complicated cross connections request and intra-facility cabbling for you at site or at your Co-Lo, with more than 5 years of expertise in multiples DC in North America and South America.

Dorsal sponsors UENF team

Dorsal Technology Solutions sponsored the Oil&Gas Engineer´s Team from the Universidade Federal do Norte Fluminense – UENF (Federal University of Northern Fluminense, freely translated) – in the last stage of Petrobowl, in the city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates in 2016.

Contact Us

If you need to send us a formal request of suport, please initiate contact using the chat located on the botton left, or our mail form here to leave to us a message.

    Our past and present clients, proudly writen in our history.