Sponsorship for Oil&Gas Engineering Students at UENF Team

Petrobowl is a worldwide question-and-answer competition between the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) student chapters around the world, covering the facility and non-oil and gas plan.

The team of UENF – LENEP, despite having participated in the small edition of the competition, was once again elected to the rank of the best Petrobrow teams in Brazil. This year begins the work of participation of Petrogames, an event in the mold of Petrobowl, but with the participation of only Brazilian universities.

Among 19 Brazilian universities, the UENF team was CAMPEÃ, winning in UFRJ in the final. The first time had a prize of $ 6,000.00, which has already been used to finance a regional Petrobró team this year, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The UENF team met in one of 19 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Fifth place was enough to separate the 36 best teams in the world for a World Cup in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 26 September.


From left to right: Gleison Monteiro (UENF-Team), Daniel Nascimento (Dorsal-Director), Yan Trindade (UENF-Team) in the official presentation of the uniform, at Marina da Glória, Rio de Janeiro.

A note given form the Director of Dorsal to the chapter:

Dorsal Technology Solutions, providing support to the offshore market with maintenance of datacenters and its services, has entered as a major sponsor of the Brazilian team of the Laboratory of Engineering and Exploration of Petroleum (LENEP) of the State University of Norte Fluminese (UENF). The purpose of the support is to assist in the qualification process of young professionals with a promising future in the field of Petroleum Exploration Engineering by participating in the largest international competition in this area: Petrobowl.

Our company already congratulates the selected team for the great results in the previous stages and stands firm in support, so that even greater achievements can be achieved.

Good trip and good luck!

Daniel Carneiro do Nascimento – Technology Officer 

The Long Road to Dubai

The UENF Petrobowl Team was formed in 2014, containing five members tatally “green” in Petrobowl affairs. From then on, they began to work out the team structure, study the rules, and put ideas into practice. After a little more than 3 months they were facing their first competition, the Regional Latin America & Caribbean phase played in Rio de Janeiro, when they managed to stay in 5th place, providing the first qualification for the world championship.

Form left to right: Antônio dos Reis, Matheus Carvalho, Gleison Monteiro, Thômas Menegazzo e Yan Trindade – UENF Team at Burj Khalifa viewpoint.

The team then arrived in Houston in 2015 still digesting all this news. We did not do well, but we saw that we still had a very long way to go, and we came back with a new goal in mind: to improve our performance and to start to rank among the best in the world. We knew it would not be overnight, that the road would be difficult and full of dedication and study. The competition in Houston has helped us to set the goals for the future of the team.

In December 2015, a reorganization of the team was necessary, leaving only 1 member of the old team. After this reformulation, in 5 months we had our first test, the PetroGames – competition held by the SPE Brazil Section nationally and in the same molds and rules of Petrobowl. And that’s when we realized that the team was on the right track. We were able to be champions of PetroGames, which had 19 universities. Competition whose award paid for our trip to Buenos Aires to participate in the second regional team in June.

In Argentina, we achieved the classification for the second world team, placing us in 25th among the 140 universities that competed in the regional stages.

In Dubai, the 32 best universities have gathered for the world stage. We already knew that it would be difficult, but we prepared to face this challenge in the best possible way. In the first game we had a good performance and unfortunately we fell in the next match, but we managed to finish the competition in the 9th place by the average points made.

“Petrobowl provided us with great moments. We met the president of SPE in 2016, Nathan Meehan, we met professionals from various companies and segments of the oil industry, visited the headquarters of YPF, the state-owned Argentina, acquired knowledge beyond what our university offers us preparing for competitions and still we know important cities in the scenario of oil production.

We are happy and proud to represent our university and our country well. We are immensely grateful to the IADC Brazil Chapter, SOT – Subsea Operations Training, Dorsal Technology Solutions, IDEA Petroleum and to all the friends who contributed, for making the dream of crossing oceans to represent our university come true. However, we are not entirely satisfied, next year we will seek the podium!”

(Trindade, Yan – member of UENF Team)