About us

“Everything that is in the plane of reality was once a dream.” — Leonardo da Vinci

Dorsal follows the current market need to efficiently and quickly meet corporate technological demand, distinguishing itself by the high technical capacity of our collaborators and solutions based on high development standards, customized according to your needs.

Our mission

Leading the technological market with an emphasis on free software, in addition to the main objective, is becoming more and more real every day. Through partnerships acquired in over twenty years of professional experience in this segment, we are increasingly closer to achieving great relevance with free software in government and corporate media – through applications and technological solutions tailored to each current need of the market. market, fully meeting all the necessary quality requirements.

  • Achieve productive corporate professional focus.
  • Acquire optimal response time to launch your ideas on the market.
  • Scaling security and flexibility.
  • Greater control over your service levels.
  • High willingness and responsiveness for critical operations.
  • Integrated and Certified Projects.
  • Quality management and continuous improvement.
  • Teams integrated with professionals specialized in different disciplines.

We offer integration when hiring the team (Dorsal Team), with the possibility of generating facilities, such as;

  • Synergy between your team and Dorsal with total transparency of knowledge and documentation.
  • Single supplier and centralization of services/guarantees.
  • Improvement of development from the unilateral view of several processes.