Monitoring your mission critical services is imperative to the well being of your business. Dorsal specializes in monitoring all kinds of events, providing constant reports on any anomaly, generating a better understanding of the problem and avoiding its repetition.

Dorsal has the knowledge to work with free software for this purpose, like Zabbix and Graphana, providing support to any monitoring environment that you already have, or building a brend new concept of monitoring at your company. We also have our own Cloud Monitor System, that you can trust your environment to our monitor specialists for debug and treatment with your own team, leaving you free to take care of your real business.

Operations Strategy

Whether helping or being your IT team, our focus is to solve anomalies within the shortest time possible, as well as integrate the solutions into the operations routine so that it does not occur. We are specialists in Critical Operations in Datacenters and their topology build, container based Internet Ditribution Center (IDC) planing, cage and cabinet setup or re-configuration, cable management, fiber deployment, servers maintenance with focus in Linux/Unix based-systems, cloud evironment construction and maintenace, training for your team, management of knowledge base in digital formating, network topology and everything that works to sustain any I.T. company – with more than 15 years specialized market serving the high technology industry in Brazil, United States and Europe.

Project Management

Closing a new project or contract is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. With our project management services, you get the guidance, training and tools you need to deal with new challenges with skill and dexterity. First, the project professional assigned to your service will establish the needs of the new project and know how your internal resource can meet and exceed the current demand of the project, and anticipate new features to sustain it after implementation, delivering you a customized and realistic design for your business. We are constantly developing the knowledge of our team so that they adapt to changes in the management business, learning and growing constantly, thus making no challenge too small or too big for our team.